The good, the bad, & the ugly

The good: dietland-dressDietland is a new tv show that is strange and gleeful. The show follows Plum, a fat woman whose only joy in life is the possibility of gastric bypass surgery. She has been shut out from the beauty industry that she works in, working as a ghostwriter for a Devil Wears Prada type editor of a magazine. As we wait with her for her surgery she explains how she will become the new, thin her and life will really begin. She is followed by a goth girl who gives her an anti-diet book and of course the catcalls come. I flinched a little as Plum still gets actively harassed by men, a reminder that no matter the size, whether we are seen as wanted or unwanted we are still a target. Also present is “Jennifer” a group that hands out its own form of justice, through murder, for crimes like rape. Dietland is not a product of the #MeToo movement but a reminder that women of all ages have been treated like trash for a long time. There are so many threads, some of which are wild, that it may be difficult to follow at times, but it is worth it to watch for one main reason and that is Joy Nash as Plum. You can feel the story in her voice and practically hear the eye roll coming when she is told “I think you’re going to do great and have lots of loose skin”. Check it out at on AMC at 9pm on Sundays. If you are more of a reader get the book of the same title!

The good again: weightIssue_Tess-lede_finalSelf magazine just put Tess Holiday on their online cover. She is a fat woman who is on the cover of magazine known to tout women’s health. By allowing Tess a platform to share her story it reminds others that you cannot judge whether a body is healthy or unhealthy just by looking at it. Size representation is so necessary in mainstream media because bodies other than the accepted smaller sizes are devalued. Again, you can’t look at my body at tell what my goals are, what my health plans are and whether I plan to have any health goals or not. As humans we must respect that each other for who we are. Fat, healthy, unhealthy or whatever descriptor you can think of. Way to go SELF digital magazine.

The Ugly: imagesBeach body season is here. We are told, starting about March, that we need to get bikini ready for summer. New diets and exercise programs pop up. Can we please stop insisting that we have to get ready for it? Our bikini bodies are just our bodies. There is no need to change it. You do not have to lose weight or tone up BEFORE you get in a bikini. It is hot outside and there are lots of beaches and pools calling your name. Try and make this summer your summer. Spend every moment you can in a bathing suit instead of all summer worrying about what you look like in one.