The good, the bad & the ugly

Food+Psych+PodcastThe Good: Food Psych is one of the top 100 health podcasts on itunes and the top choice on my iphone. Host Christy Harrison is a registered dietitian nutritionist and certified intuitive eating counselor. Her emphasis lies in helping people make peace with food and take back what they lost at the hands of the diet culture. She and her guests cover topics including body dysmorphia, emotional eating and the diet culture, and dating as a plus sized person. Christy is an advocate of intuitive eating and will blow your mind when she suggests you see what your body does when you try not dieting for once.

screen-shot-2018-05-16-at-3-29-08-pmThe Bad: I actually like Kim Kardashian. Well I did, I like Khloe more to be honest. At one time I would have been one of the 111 million followers that saw the post come up on my feed and the only slightly smaller number that bought them. But these little lollipops have two major problems.

Problem 1: they promote stepping away from intuitive eating. Our bodies regulate themselves and let us know when they are hungry. When we screw with this we head down the road to messing up our relationship with food. By suppressing our hunger with this product we are telling ourselves hunger is bad, eating is bad, we are bad. Kim K has a large audience of young girls, particularly susceptible to the diet culture and her promotion of this item is disheartening. She is making an unhealthy connection between an unsafe product and her body type without so much as a thought to the consequences.

Problem 2: They are a lollipop for God’s sake. Not a detox tea or a pill but a lollipop. Lollipops are something you give to a child when they skin a knee or leave a doctor’s office. So now what was a children’s snack is a “clinically proven” appetite suppressant. It is important to do your research into what “clinically proven” really means in the world of diet products. Often, as in the case of these lollipops, the company that produces the item also funds the study.

kanye-wests-ye-is-finally-here-i-hate-being-bipolar-its-awesome-listenThe Ugly: Kanye West is an artist but a bipolar disability is not a work of art. Now that Kanye West has (confirmed) that he is bipolar, he is arguably the most famous person with it. The problem comes when he shares phrases like “bipolar is not a disability” or states he won’t take his meds, these are the things people will associate with the word bipolar from now on. To be fair he is a musician with a never-ending bank account that can have periods of mania or hypomania without any real consequences. He is also a human being and as one he should understand the moral consequences of spreading an inaccurate message. Those of use suffering from this lifelong illness would appreciate it. Soon enough the mania will stop and the bi of the bipolar will set in and Kanye will find himself in a depression. Maybe then he will reevaluate his words. I do not wish this upon him or anyone else but I do know the truth of the illness. I know that it is overwhelming and painful. It is costly and overlooked and we have to advocate constantly for it.