Tips to working through a depression

You Can Still Adult In A Depression

For many not adulting may mean leaving the laundry another day, ignoring the dishes in the sink for the night and microwaving a meal rather than cooking for the night. When you are in the holding pattern of a depression those day to day tasks often pile up for weeks and adulting is yet another thing to give up on. The dishes in the sink have literally and figuratively become a mountain that is too overwhelming to tackle. So what steps can be taken to find some little bits of life not shrouded by the weight of depression.

  • Try one small task that day. You don’t need a “To Do” list but if you decide you want to get up and make a sandwich then viola you did one small task. And the microwave applauds you.
  • Change the scenery for a little bit. Switch rooms and see what life is like in the living room. Open the curtains or even sit in the backyard. Let your body try out a new environment.
  • Set a reasonable time limit for trying new changes. No one expects you to go and mingle at a party all night. But sitting out the living room with your family and watching a half hour tv program may be a reasonable time limit for you.
  • Join a support group. Your doctor, psychiatrist, therapist or medical group will likely offer a support group for women, men or depression that you can join. Committing to a weekly group with others in a similar position may provide a home base. This will allow you to share your story and ask for suggestions.


Depression is not cookie cutter by any means. But I have found that we all do get stuck in a rut. And this can translate to those who are not sufferers of depression. We feel like we cannot move, like nothing works and nothing inspires us. We have already read all the books and listened to all the advice, but nothing sparks anything. So, let’s go back to the basics. I’ve been there. I am there.